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Health Care Interview Amanda Nava HCS/235 February 26, 2013 Jennifer Hitt Health Care Interview For my health care interview assignment I chose to interview Mayra Cruz, Certified Nurses Assistant. She works at Cuidado Casero Home Health and Hospice at 1617 E. Missouri Ave, El Paso, Texas. In my interview with her she described her job duties, her patients and how she interacts with others in her environment. In addition, she identified the length of time she has been in her current position, her career path that has led her to this position as well as her experience in the health care industry. Her education and what requirements were necessary for her certification. She also wonders if the education she received proper and …show more content…

He concludes with saying that she has a long road ahead for her career and is excited to see what the health care industry has in store these next few

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