Interview With A Public Health Professional Essay

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Interview with a Public Health Professional Summary
I interviewed my primary care physician Dr. Michelle Class, who is a pediatrician in the private practice of Lori McAuliffe, M.D., P.A. Dr. Class has worked in the field of pediatrics since completing Medical school at The University of Florida and a 3-year residency to become a board certified pediatrician. She offers primary care to children from birth till the age of twenty-one, and provides routine physicals to chart growth and development, well-visits, and professional consultation, diagnosis and treatment for chronic and temporary illness or other health issues. All efforts work toward preventing disease and injury amongst children, the primary goal of all pediatricians in the field of health care. The practice at which she works also allows doctors to utilize epidemiological resources and inform patients about current health trends regarding illness, current school, county regulations updates on health and vaccination deadlines, and basic understanding of childcare, hygiene, and nutrition practices for children and parents. I chose to interview Dr. Class because she is an excellent doctor, who I have been privileged to have over the years. She has personally given me her very best whenever my health was poor, as well as been a wonderful person who truly cares for her patients physical and mental wellbeing. Her passion and dedication to the craft of pediatric medicine are evident in the quality of care and service she

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