Health Care Legislation Has Gone Wrong With It

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Health care legislation has been an ongoing debut in America for many years. My research will be about the history of the health care system. I will discuss when health care started in America and how far it has gone. I will discuss what is good about health care benefits and what has gone wrong with it. I will also discuss the history of retirement and health care. Social Security was the beginning of health care and retirement. President Franklin D. Roosevelt saw a need and started a battle that appears to be never ending. The Social Security Act was enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 to help seniors who were broke from the stock market crash in 1929. He wanted to build a safety net to ensure that every senior would stay above the poverty line and that there would be support for every worker’s family after his or her death. Today, Social Security does do that, but only barley, for many folks. (Epstein, 2006) Social Security was not the first retirement plan that was put into place in 1795 Thomas Paine introduce a pamphlet named Agrarian Justice where he suggested a system of inheritance taxes. His plan was for the tax of 10 percent on inherited property would be put into a special fund. It would be paid out as a one-time stipend to citizens just starting out at age 21, and as an annual benefit to everyone age 50 and older to protect against poverty in old age. Paine’s idea was never adopted even though inheritance taxes eventually were.

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