Health Care Polarity Essay

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Best Approach to Providing Affordable Healthcare to American Citizens: Analyzing the polarity of two opposing solutions to the problem of affordable healthcare

Affordable healthcare for citizens remains at the forefront of debate for American policymakers and the complex network of privatized institutions, which provides said healthcare for those fortunate enough to afford such coverage. According to data provided from the World Bank, an assessment of generated revenue shows that the United States generates 17.1% of its GDP on health expenditures ( 2017). There looms the question of: How can a nation with one the highest percentages of GDP stemming from healthcare offer free, or very low cost, healthcare? It is …show more content…

The methodology of evidence-based healthcare somewhat lies by undergoing analysis by taking a philosophical approach (Miles 2000). For example, a simple argument that government assistance is beneficial and necessary in provisioning healthcare to be affordable as possible could follow such a construction:
P1. All citizens are fundamentally important, thus deserving of healthcare.
P2. It is not impossible to provide healthcare for all American citizens.
P3. The economic benefit of providing healthcare incentivizes some to not do what is necessary to provide healthcare for all.
P4. More governmental control should be allocated in order to prevent privatized economic gains to ensure healthcare is as affordable as possible.
C. Being that all citizens are fundamentally important, the government needs to take actions to implement policies that ensure healthcare is affordable for all.
One could argue the validity of the argument; however, it would be difficult to dispute the soundness. One of the major suppressed premises of the argument that I, here, posit is that the privatization of the healthcare industry is problematic when accessing how to make healthcare both more affordable and equal for all citizens regardless of the amount of money that they make. Also, the aim of the argument is to establish that in order to ensure that healthcare is not only affordable but also

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