Health Care Service And Its Product Development Practices

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In this composition I will identify a local health care establishment and determine its product development practices. This research paper will justify the use of the selected health care service and their associated life cycle. Following I will suggest one strategy to improve the marketing mix of the selected health care establishment, by highlighting one benefit of portfolio analysis and providing two examples that display differential advantages. Later then assess the importance of engineering in providing patients with clear and accessible information about health care organizations and the service that they provide. Lastly, outline a survey to capture patients’ expectations regarding the legal transfer of the service rendered. The…show more content…
For these high-risk women, other screening and prevention strategies may be demanded. Therefore at the High Risk Breast Clinic there is combination of expert genetic risk assessment, state-of-the-art breast imaging and access to comprehensive cancer prevention and treatment.
The term marketing mix can be depicted as the types of choices that an organization will make in the process of bringing a service or product to the market. The marketing mix consists of the 4Ps: the product and/or service, place, price, and promotion. The help of the High Risk Clinic is beneficial for women and their close family members with any of the following could benefit from the High Risk Breast Clinic:
• Breast cancer for persons under the age of 45
• More than two family members with breast cancer on the same side of the family
• A family history of breast and ovarian cancer or pancreatic cancer
• A male relative with breast malignant neoplastic disease
• Jewish women with and even one case of breast or ovarian cancer in themselves or close family members
• Persons who have been told they should consider genetic testing for breast cancer risk
• Persons who are concerned about their risk for breast cancer based on their family histories or genetic background
The primary clinic is at Stony Point Office in Richmond, Virginia. People can receive this service by making an appointment with
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