Essay On Spanish Culture And Health Care

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According to US Census Bureau, Hispanic is one of largest minority ethnic group in the United States and account for 15.1 % of the population (U.S. Census Bureau, 2012). With an increasing number of diverse cultures within the health care system, it is important for health care professionals to cultivate diversity and cultural awareness when caring for peope from different cultures than theirs. Moreover, providing care that is culturally sensitive can result in improved health status for all patients. Clinicians should keep in mind that everyone has his/her own values, beliefs, and assumptions that influence healthcare. In addition, patients from different race, ethnicity, gender, and religion response to health care services differently. …show more content…

In Spanish culture, the patient may or may not be the primary decision-maker with regard to treatment. Decisions can be made solely by the patient, the entire family, or by a designate family member (Tate, 2003). Moreover, the mutual reliant on each other with family connects with health and illness (Padilla & Villalobos, 2007). With my patient, to increase the masculine of the husband and the power of the head household, I always include the husband when important information is being discussed or when treatment decisions are being made. In addition, including the mother or the oldest daughter who are viewed as primary care-givers when they are available will increase the patient’s confidence and adherence to treatment.
Explain Who the Patient Is
Mrs. A is a 54 year-old Mexican woman. She is married and has four children. Her husband is unemployed and working in a farm, while she stays at home and takes care of her parents. The household annual income ranges from 32,000-38,000 dollars per year. And certainly she doesn’t have a health insurance. She lives in a low socioeconomic area with her primary language is Spanish and very limited English. She has less than high school education level and low medical literacy. Regarding social organization, she values Hispanic culture which emphases the importance of the extended family. That means the family includes many people in their extended families, not only parents and siblings, but grandparents,

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