Health Care : The Healthcare Industry

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Health Care Economics can be defined as a way to research +and analyze information pertaining to the healthcare industry. Conducting research and analyzing information in hopes to create a better health care system by utilizing resources in order to be cost effective and affordable. Over the past several decades the healthcare industry/system has been a major concern for the Americans; facing several factors, but one of the biggest concerns is the rising cost of healthcare coverage and treatment(s). Simply Americans cannot barrier the cost of affording health care coverage, nor being able to pay for physician visits and/or prescriptions that are prescribed to treat their current condition. In the 1900’s America faced several concerns pertaining to the lack of knowledge of introducing healthcare insurance coverage. While entering the 1910’s there was a little light at the end of tunnel to the conversation of knowledge pertaining to healthcare insurance coverage and benefits. In the 1920’s there was a breakthrough; General Motors agreed upon to cover over a hundred thousand people with adequate medical coverage. Penicillin was also found, but not passed into bill to treat the ill at this time. Reaching into the 1930’s the Social Security Act was passed and Blue Cross started offering private medical coverage in several states for hospital only coverage. In the 1940’s President Roosevelt asked that the “economic bill of rights” be signed into congress, this would also include

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