Healthcare And The Healthcare Industry

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Introduction This literature review highlights articles and research that is significant to the Healthcare/ Marketing Industry. This literature review provides an overview of our current healthcare industry, the issues that have damaged the healthcare image, how the healthcare industry uses social media and techniques on improving marketing in the healthcare industry. The purpose of this review is to give further information on today’s healthcare industry and the factors that come from the industry.
The Background of the Healthcare Industry
Brief History of Healthcare:
In the early 1800’s healthcare and doctors were seen as witchdoctors or forms of voodoo when curing people with minor illnesses such as a cold. As time passed the idea of providing healthcare to people changed into educating and testing new medicines. The roots of healthcare than became a learning environment for medicinal practice on plants and animals. Through trial and error the knowledge taken later evolved into a subject of studies from many different cultures primarily through Persian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Indian and Chinese culture. Then the 19th century paved the way for new advances in healthcare. Through technological, chemical and biological physicians gained greater understanding in diagnosing and treating patients properly. These advances included syringes, antiseptics, x-rays, etc. Around the 20th century, healthcare became modernized changing the old doctor-patient format to new prepaid

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