How Healthcare Has Changed Since Its First Trial And Error Days

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Over many years, the ideas of healthcare have been heavily debated in the United States. From early years dating back to the nineteenth century, people have been involved in some form of health insurance. They would have this “insurance” in case of some form of accident, so that they would not have many losses of income. According to Sultz and Young, “As early as the 19th century, some Americans carried insurance against sickness through an employer, fraternal order, guild, trade union, or commercial insurance company (2014)”. Healthcare has greatly changed since its first trial and error days. There have been new policies and pieces of legislation that have been passed in efforts to try and have all Americans covered with some form of health insurance. However, the newest form of healthcare out on the market is the idea of Concierge medicine. Concierge medicine may also be known as Retainer medicine. It is a service that a physician would provide private direct primary care for an out-of-pocket monthly service fee. This private and direct form of health care would allow the patient direct and unlimited access to their doctor at the snap of their fingers. The services that would be provided would be regular primary care visits potentially at home, EKGs, biopsies, etc. However, the main perks of having a concierge doctor would be the personal benefits that one would experience. Some of these benefits would include having the doctor’s personal cell phone number or email with
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