Health Care and Communication Technology

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Technology changes everything is a phrase that is often used at my place of employment in order to change the perspective of how some people view its many different applications. In the case of our example with the; “Brain Saving Technologies, Inc and the T- Health institute: Medicine through videoconferencing, technology is being used to fundamentally change how medical treatment is delivered (O’Brien & Marakas, 2011). From the perspective of a medical patient I would be completely fine being diagnosed by a medical professional “thousands of miles” away from me dependent on known variables about their training and what types of systems are in place by the organizations to ensure legitimacy in their work. The type of…show more content…
Currently systems like on star can detect when a car check engine lights on or is idle, so adoption of this technology to work to better allow for servicing of vehicles could be a game changer. The value provided from being able to link auto mechanics and vehicle repair specialist from all over using communication technology life wifi to read what’s going on within a car could be marked as a time saving tool as well as a method of protection of consumer fraud. For example, let say I have my car diagnosed and run a scan where I would link my phone to the car and some manufacturer’s hotspot that could give me a complete diagnosis of my vehicles damage and a listing of service providers available. Virtual repair service could be marketed as a fraud protection device to draw business, a consumer shopping guide so that people can shop prices of repairs. Imagine a videoconferencing system that can track where you need to film as well and confirms the data on the needed repairs based on data received and a visual inspection using your phone or at some “scanning” facility which would be significantly less than the dealer. My proposals would be to offer lower cost vehicle diagnosis from your phone or through the cars internal computer and our device that’s links to the PC of the vehicle. The advantages offered to health care and health professional with the incorporation of a larger role for IT within the medical
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