Health Care in the Buddha, Sikh and Baha’i Faiths Essay

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Introduction The understanding of health and the process of healing in regard to the religious belief of individuals goes beyond the realm of spirituality (Suzanne, 2008). Health is believed by every religion as the most important value at which insights can be created, and as well a practical means at which the health of individuals can be promoted. The secular perspective of religion is considered a contributing factor which broadens the unique religious contribution and individual’s concern to spiritual dimensions. However, the essay to be discussed is on the issue of the spiritual perspective of individuals from different religious faith, and our main religious focus will be on the Buddhist religion, Sikh religion and the Baha’i…show more content…
Dana (giving) is another way of healing practiced by Buddhists in Southeast Asia (Penit, 2008). Dana is the practice that involves giving of physical and spiritual gifts to individuals depending on their particular need. The use of modern science can also be used by the Thai Buddhists along with the other component of healing used by the Buddhists (Penit, 2008)). In summary, the practice of Buddhism involves the process of; doing good, meditating and avoiding harm. In comparison with the Christian faith, both religious faiths have measures at which healing can be achieved by its followers. While Buddhists believe in the in the process of meditation as a measure to attain healing by its followers, Christians believe that in praying to God, healing can be achieved by its followers (Penit, 2008). Moreover, differences occur between the Christian faith and the Buddha faith especially on the aspect of the delivery of medical care. The Buddhist faith believes that the promotion of self-confidence and a reduction of the suffering of an ill person optimistically can achieved through the practice of yoga and meditation while the Christian faith on the other hand, does not believe in the practice of yoga (Penit, 2008). Spiritual Perspective of Healing By the Baha’i Belief/ Faith Baha’i faith was founded 200 years ago by a person called Baha’u’llah. He resided in turkey but the

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