Health Dietary Practices Assists The Body Function

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Health dietary practices assists the body function normally working, on the other hand, these macronutrients which are from different food sources and that participated in the metabolic processes of living system. In Australia, more and more people start to change the old diet to achieve the healthy holistic approach. According to the article of” COULD YOU CUT YOUR SUGAR INTAKE TO 6 TEASPOONS A DAY?” which was from courier mail magazine based on the theory of excessive use of sugar will affect people 's health, however it does not provide a thorough and limpid evidences to support the theory, merely represented theoretical basis knowledge. As well, the content does not complete abide by the meaning of the article title. Through the next …show more content…

In the body, the chemical reaction going on in the body to keep the breathing, the heart beating and brain working all of these are derive the energy from. The three main macronutrients in living system which are fats, carbohydrates (sugar), lipids (fats), protein (amino acid). Moreover also needs some minerals and vitamins, they are usually required daily in large quantities nutrients.
Metabolism refers to through various pathways of the physical and chemical processes that in the living system which keep the body functioning normally in order to stay alive. The breakdown of food in the digestive system and its subsequent transformation into energy as the fuel for the person 's body needs which is either used immediately or stored in the body 's tissues.
Carbohydrates is the most important nutrients for animal and plant which is the organic compounds widely distributed in nature, and in the role of biological processes is the main source of all life on the activities of energy needed of sustain life. The metabolism of carbohydrate denotes through various biochemical processes responsible for the formation, breakdown and inter conversion of carbohydrates and storage in living organisms moreover that is essentially the metabolism of sugars and the control of blood sugar levels in an internal

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