Health Education and Hygiene in Kenya Essay

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• An interventional study was conducted to assess the knowledge and practice of school based safe water and hygiene program among students and their parents in western Kenya, 2006. Study revealed that, 78% schools reported they provide water to their students and 22% of schools were having ‘Leaky tins’ for hand washing. Whereas,73% of parents washed their hand before eating, 45% after defecating and 29% before preparing food. And after health education reported 90% of parents washed their hands before eating, 68% after defecation and 53% before preparing food. 86% of students washing their hand before eating and 73% after using the latrines. However, 61% …show more content…

Physical examination revealed 57.1% children had dirty nails, while 45.6% and 17.8% of them had dirty uniforms and dirty hair respectively. Thus the study concluded that sizeable number of the children had adequate knowledge of basic personal hygiene, their practice related to same was poor.(2)

• A cross sectional study was conducted on hand washing practice among school children in Ghana 2011 used qualitative and quantitative method of data collection and included both private and public school. The results revealed that most of the school children didn’t practice proper hand washing with soap, both in school and at home, this was mainly due to unavailability and inaccessibility of hand washing facilities such as soap, towel and clean running water. However 90.2% of school children used school toilet and practiced hand washing with soap after defecation. Private school children were found to be 63% less likely to wash their hand after using the toilet, 51% less likely to wash their hands before eating and 77% less likely to wash their hands with soap after eating compared to public schools. Results concludes inadequate provision and inaccessibility of hand washing facilities at school and homes did not allow children to practice the hand washing knowledge they had gained.(10)

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