Health Is A Measurement Of Quality Of Life

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What is health? The word health is such a vast word. When it first comes to mind I simply think not being sick. However, after further contemplation I realize it also encompasses a state of being sick. There can be good health and bad health. Therefore, health is a measurement of quality of life. Everyone has a different definition of the word, a different perspective of how to measure quality of life. The World Health Organization, WHO, famously defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." (WHO, 1947) Increased amounts of injury, disease, and death indicators, signify lower heath levels. (Mckenzie et al., 2012) Our health can be influenced by many…show more content…
Physical health is the body’s health like its growth and function. Spiritual health is the balance we have with our values and our actions. Environmental health is how the land around us affects our health. Intellectual health includes learning new things and facing challenges. Next, emotional health encompasses how we understand ourselves and cope with the challenges we face. Social health is how we interact with other people. Lastly, occupational health involves life planning and goal setting. It is highly important for health professionals to understand the all of the dimensions because they are interrelated and it may take helping more than one dimension to solve a problem. The health and wellness continuum shows how intertwined our dimensions of health are. If one part of a strand is affected then it can lead to other strands being affected. The most important part is the process of getting from point A, being unwell, to point B, being well. This shows the definition of health as a holistic wellness because you cannot reach the stage off being well for some dimensions, but not all. Although all of the dimensions are important, the primary focus, both professionally and personally, should in the physical and mental dimensions. This is because they have the most impact on the other dimensions. The other dimensions are often categorizes under the physical and mental dimensions. I would put intellectual,
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