Define The Nine Dimensions Of Wellness

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1. Define the nine dimensions of wellness discussed in the text and, for each dimension, list two behaviors or habits that would promote its development.

Physical Wellness- Physical Wellness encourages us to take care of our bodies by doing physical activity, eating well, and keep balance of metal health. The more you take care of yourself and the more you exercise, the more your physical wellness goes up.

Emotional Wellness – To be able to accept and control your feelings. To have a good self-esteem and to not stress or be disappointed. You have to accept what you have done and be happy with what you have done. You need to find solutions to your problems to have a good emotional wellness and if you need to ask people for help to solve your problems then ask.

Intellectual Wellness – To make yourself be active in many things or activities. To be active in many things helps you increase your knowledge and gain new skills like problem solving or finding problems.

Interpersonal Wellness- Having good relationships with other [people that really support you. You need to have some good social or communication skills and being involved in many activities around you or your society.

Cultural Wellness- How you really interact; socialize with people who are different from you. To do this you need to accept the person who she or he really is. You cannot be judgmental toward other people.

Spiritual Wellness- To have beliefs that help you out in your life, that help you have a

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