Health Is A State Of Wellbeing

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Health is a state of wellbeing. A person’s health is like see-saw on a daily basis, one must choose to either maintain good health or poor health. In my opinion, good health is when all essential components are met to live a healthy lifestyle. These components include nutritional needs, physical needs and psychological need. When any of these components become compromised it leads to poor health. Illness can be caused by several different factors. An illness can arise from the environment we live in, from contact with people that are ill, and even we can cause ourselves to become ill. When I begin to experience symptoms of an illness, I like to manage them as soon as they arise. For example, with symptoms of a cold, I would go get something over the counter to treat it before it gets bad. I usually do not seek any care immediately until, I have done everything I can on my part to try to fight it off. My son not too long ago had some small bumps on his chest. I did some research come to find out that it was “Mollescum Contagiousum”. I researched online over the different ways to treat the stubborn bump. I ended up going to the pharmacy to buy an OTC medication, which actually worked great! First I try to solve the problem, if I’m not successful, then I seek advice.
How do I express pain? Well, my facial expressions says it all. I manage pain in different ways. The first thing I usually do is try to ignore that I am in any pain by using a distraction, such as watching
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