Health Issues In America Essay

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Studies have shown that from 1960-2010, the quantity of Obesity in America doubled. Obesity is one of the many health issues that America pays little attention to but should be evaluated and thoroughly dealt with. Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, and Depression are some of the other main health problems that have been on the rise on Americans. While there are many health issues that people are more knowledgeable about, they usually learn when they or someone in their family has the experience of that health problem. A way to help prevent and have others become even more knowledgeable is by creating a program in which high school students learn about the types of health issues. Obesity has been an issue that society notices and that …show more content…

During the month of diabetes, presentations could be made by each student, but they would also have the opportunity to visit a hospital or even bring a doctor to the classroom to speak more about the issue. Physical and Mental Health are subject that most of the society have trouble distinguishing. Physical Health is the overall well-being of a person, it's something society can usually see and notice when something is affecting a person(Study). Mental Health is our emotional and psychological well-being(What is Physical Health?). These are some areas which we would discuss with a student to have a better sense of what is being represented to the class. Examples would be by talking about myths and fact, like, Mental health problems are very common (What is Mental Health?). Volunteering could also be mandatory for the class as an assignment. They would do 5kruns by joining the race or helping set things up for the event. This program would be set up to help those with different learning styles as well as making it fun for the students instead of having the normal chalk and board learning. Showing each student the consequence about how a person lives with these issues would create a visualization for the students of what others with the issue go through and would take the first step to help minimize the problem in order to help others and

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