Health Policy Of Heart Disease And Stroke

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Health Policy of Heart Disease and Stroke Ann B. Hamric et al ( 2014) described policy as the “authoritative decisions pertaining to health or health care, made in the legislative, executive, or judicial branches of government, that are intended to direct or influence the actions, behavior or decisions of citizens” (p.580). Health care policy should be able to increase access to health care, improve quality of care, and most important shows transparence on cost effectiveness (2014).
Leading Cause of Death
Although many interventions in medicine and clinical have been created by the county, state, and federal levels to improve the risks of heart disease and stroke, these chronic diseases continued to be at the epidemic level. It has been declined in the past few years; however, still nation’s leading health concern. The life expectancy in Florida still low but has increased 2.9 years according to the Florida Department of Health (2014).
Public Policy Approaches
To maximize the effectiveness of the State Public Health actions to prevent and control heart disease and stroke; funding has been allocated to prevent, manage, and reduce the risk factors associated with these chronic diseases, which including childhood and adult obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Even though policy and legislation have impacted on public health activities for example surveillance, public health education, and preventive services; State public health and health care professional must

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