Health Problem Analysis Worksheet Essay

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The competency, “Analyze determinants of health and disease using an ecological framework” was met through the exercise, “Health Problem Analysis Worksheet” and through reading Chapter 2 in the book Public Health: What it is and How it Works.
The purpose of the “Health Problem Analysis Worksheet” was to pick a disease, I chose diabetes, and to determine the determinants, direct contributing factors and the indirect contributing factors. Turnock (2011, p.73) defines determinants as a scientific factor that relates directly to the health problem and is one of the primary risk factors of the health problem. When creating my health problem analysis worksheet I selected my two determinants for diabetes to be: physical inactivity and dietary
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The three direct contributing factors that I identified for dietary consumption include: access to fresh produce, education on nutrition, and food choices. Again, these three direct contributing factors have scientific evidence that they can lead to poor dietary consumption which can then lead to diabetes.
Lastly, Turnock (2011, p. 73) defines indirect contributing factors as the factors that affect the direct contributing factors. In my health problems analysis worksheet for behavioral/habit I chose the indirect factors: perceived lack of time, screen time, and poor time management. Next, for work and school environment, I determined the indirect contributing factors: sedentary job, long hours, and physical activity reduction in schools. Last, for socioeconomic status, I chose the indirect contributing factors to be: unsafe communities and lack of sidewalks, lack of access to healthcare, and lack of transportation. All of these indirect contributing factors affect the direct contributing factors which then affects the determinate, physical activity. The first indirect factors that I determined for dietary consumption was for access to fresh produce includes: energy dense foods are more affordable, convenient stores have less healthy and fresh foods and lack of farmers markets. Next, for education on nutrition I chose the indirect contributing factors:
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