Health Related Fitness And Wellness

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It is my passion to teach, motivate and inspire my students to be physically active and enjoy a healthy life. Health related fitness and lifetime wellness provide the foundation of my elementary physical education (PE) program. Health related fitness and wellness themes are integrated into my daily lessons. I strive to help my students understand and value the importance of physical activity and the impact it has on their personal lives. Anne Flannery, President and CEO of PE4life, states, “Quality, daily physical education prepares children to take personal responsibility for their own health and wellness and can have a tremendous impact on their overall quality of life.” (Lawler, 2007, p. 113). It is my desire to encourage my…show more content…
I seek to combine today’s best practices and align them with the national physical education standards to inspire and educate my students about the importance of physical activity and lifetime fitness. While the National Standards provide the framework for learning, I must choose which methods and strategies are best utilized to meet the needs of my students. Once these needs are determined, I must choose which instructional tools will best facilitate student learning. One of those teaching tools is technology. Technology is a vital part of teaching and learning in the 21st century. The technology revolution has affected all disciplines and subject areas including physical education. (SHAPE America, 2013). As stated in the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards for Physical Education, “Accomplished teachers stay in touch with current technology and its applications in the field of physical education. Technology helps accomplished physical educators motivate their students by providing them with exciting learning experiences. Physical education teachers anticipate technological advances that may affect the learning environment. As part of their dedication to professional growth, they incorporate the most appropriate technological resources available to enrich their teaching practice and reinforce student
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