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Health & Fitness Industry Health and Fitness are a big aspect in the world today. This industry has had an incredible amount of growth over the past 30 years. The industry first became popular in the 1970 's, with the idea that it would not always be popular. "Most Americans rate their physical and emotional health as a top personal priority." This industry has two major demographic groups; The Boomers and the Gen Y generation. The main reason why the Industry has grown and is still growing is because people are becoming more aware of the importance to stay healthy and fit. Health and fitness clubs were small and only consisted of tennis and racquetball during the 1960 's. The populations for theses clubs were minimal to members. The…show more content…
Through out the world there will is always news on health and fitness, it is ever changing. Whether if there is a new diet to help lose weight, a new invention to keep people fit or, new discoveries from research on a disease, health and fitness, will be a part of human life. Technology is consciousness-expanding, not only in health and fitness field, but in just about every aspect of life. When technology is applied to this industry, it is a furtherance to inform people all over the country (and world) along with it being a benefit for expanding and advertising an establishment. Issues containing weight control, fitness, and nutrition are a prime subject in today 's culture. Completive companies are existent and they have many different levels of health clubs and fitness centers; this contains everything thing from price, equipment, staff , activities and classes offered. In the present time, topics being subjected through the industry are; disease control and research, diet and fitness trends of 2005, performance running, life balance, eating and sleeping right, working out according to personality and foods to lower cholesterol. Many people from The States are on a constant search for what is new, healthy and trendy. Health and fitness clubs were put in our society to make people feel and look good, and now not only are they there for that but they are making a large profit as
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