Looking Backwards: Positive Impact On P-12 Students

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Looking Backwards

Since my pervious looking back reflection I think I’ve had a positive impacted on the p-12 students. Helping the p-12 students more with game play and strategy, so that student can have a better understanding for the game, to posses the knowledge of being able to play these activities outside of school. Student have been given knowledge of the sport base games so that they could look into their favorite sport base activities outside of class, maybe even trying out for a team.

When looking back I used feedback from my teaching programs to find the things I need to improve on, one thing being paper work. To improve this skill I would go to my teacher’s office every time they gave something back and asked them what good and what bad, and how can I fix it. I also will …show more content…

I am very dedicated to opening student’s eyes to show them how something as simply as physical activities can change their lives. Giving students confidence to be anything they want in life but it starts inside their bodies first.

For my next phase of my clinical practice the only concern I have is that the paperwork will stop me from doing a job I know I can do. So I will have to focus more on this part of teaching.

Looking Forward: Goal Setting

I think my goals for my next clinical experience is not to be scared to be who I am and to speak up when working with other student teachers. I can’t let student’s teachers around me affect my objectives of teaching students. Also I will improve on writing my lesson plan so they match my teaching skills.

1. Being myself
2. Confidence
3. Not letting peers affect my learning environment
4. Improving writing skills

These improvements will allow me to teach the content knowledge to my full capability, to achieve this goal I have to be me and have an understanding that you will not always feel comfortable in your learning and teaching

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