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Assignment 703 on Health and safety in catering and hospitality Task A Regulations and responsibility Health and Safety Regulations aim to improve safety in workplaces, making employers and employees equally responsible for ensuring that they protect themselves and others from accident and injury. The regulations refer to such things as clean kitchens, safety guards on machinery etc., If an employee is injured at work because of breaches of these rules then compensation can be awarded. Most health and safety legislation places place the responsibility of health and safety on the employers. The responsibilities may however be delegated to other competent persons such as fire warders, first aiders and care takers but the employer still …show more content…

Work place design and risk assessment In a catering firm, the work place design and risk assessment is carried out by catering manager. Example; if a catering unit employs, 10 permanent staff and, an young person of 16 years only to work on weekends, then an employment permit need to be obtained from the local authority for employing the 16 year old person. Secondly, the business hours of the firm between 9.00 am and 10.00pm, and need to make sure it opens and close at the prescribed time. Finally, have to set up all the health and safety signs, equipments are supplied and make sure all the employees are following the rules. To assess the risk, the manager need to be looked at the HSE webpage about catering and hospitality and also about young people employment. Secondly, to assess the workplace risk, the manager has to walk around all the areas of the kitchen and note things which can cause risk under the guide line of HSE. Thirdly, talk to the employees and identify their experience and concern, especially need to take particular care for any young person working. Fourthly, accident book need to be looked at and understand the risks caused accident previously. Finally, the manager, writs down what controls can be done in order to reduce risk in the work place and also acts upon it. In normal cases the risk assessment will be carried out every year. Hazards and risks In a workplace such as catering environment, majority of the injuries are caused as a

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