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TQM IMPROVEMENT PLAN PAPER TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Executive Summary 2 II. Area Profile A. Vision Mission 3 B. Organization Structure 4 C. Address/Location 5 D. Products/Services 5 III. Competitors 8 IV. Statement of the Problem E. Objective 9 V. Date Gathering F. Questionnaire 10 G. Results and Interpretation 11 VI. Review of Related Literature 23 VII. Tools for Quality Improvement H. Affinity Diagram 26 I. Fishbone Diagram 28 J. Pareto Diagram 31 VIII. Conclusion 33 IX. Recommendation 34 APPENDIX I.…show more content…
THERESA AGUSTIN, RN School Nurse I CARLO ANTON METRA, RN School Nurse II JEZEL FAUSTINO, RN School Nurse I NIKKO TOLEDO, RN School Nurse I DANILO MONSALVE Utility Staff ANN ROSE EMPLEO Utility Staff C. Address / Location University Health Service, Ground Floor Administration Building, Far Eastern University, Nicanor Reyes Street Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines D. Products / Services Services Offered by University Health Services * Consultation and evaluation of any health related complaints * Annual physical and dental examination of all freshmen * Issuance and verification of medical certificate, disability sickness notification * Pre – employment medical evaluations * Issuance of prescription for medicines as indicated by the physicians and dentists * Initial dose of medicines administered at the University Health Service * Nebulization for asthmatic patients * Vaccine administration at reduced cost * Minimum charges for diagnostics x-rays, dental extractions, dental filling (laser) dental prophylaxis (cleaning) * Free dental services for all students: Dental extractions, Dental fillings (laser), dental prophylaxis
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