Health Wellbeing Social Policy Essay

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HEALTH, WELLBEING SOCIAL POLICY By [Name of Student] [Name of Instructor] [University] [Course] [Date] Health, Wellbeing Social Policy Introduction Citizens, businesses and interest groups alike continue to be concerned about poverty and related factors that deal with health and finance. However, human rights and availability are concepts that aren’t not taken seriously enough, in view of certain perspectives. Health inequalities refer to the differences in the quality of the healthcare services across the different populations. Health disparity results due to difference in several factors, which are beyond the rich of human influence. Disparity refers to some kind of social injustice that happens with respect to the health services amongst the different individuals in the given society (Kawachi, Subramanian, & Almeida-Filho, 2002). Initially, health policies are developed to address the specific to efficiently provide and receive service without any detrimental fabrications or alterations that lead to human related neglect concretely initiate health efforts to quickly prevent disease and further sickness, while not allowing services to be secretly held from the public that is in need, due to becoming poverty stricken or possibly trapped. What role does social policy play in reducing health inequalities? According to the believers of the WHO, the goal is to achieve equal opportunity efforts for future groups that continue to be exposed to suffering (i.e.

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