health and social care unit 17 p6and m3

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P6: Explain two examples of multi-disciplinary working in social care M3: asses how multi- disciplinary working together can improve the provision of social care I am going to talk about multi- disciplinary working what it means how they help service users by working together and also how it helps the overall services working with users. There are two case studies to help explain how professionals work together. What is multi- disciplinary working? Multi disciplinary working is when several professionals work together with different expertise and they provide care for a person for reasons like they cannot cope or if there are signs of abuse they can stop it through all the professional communication with one another for example …show more content…

Benefits of multi -disciplinary working Multi disciplinary working will benefit Michael because of all the professional working together they will know what is needs are because they are communicating with one another and this will give him higher quality of care. They can identify what services he needs and also which can give him support that he doesn’t have. Michael will feel empowered and in control of his own care provision. He will have the chance to receive a wider choice available for example Michael did not want to leave is home so he can chose to not go to a care home but instead get a carer to support him and get meals on wheels services. If they fail to work together the consequences for Michael is he will This will result in Michael losing is independence, personal choice because they don’t know what he is going through because they professionals are not working as a team. Michael will see that care providers contradicting with each other advice and disregarding his wishes for example social services moving him to a care home which can lead to kill himself because that what he told his doctor in the hospital so if they both were communicating with another they would known he wishes to live in his own home. Once this happens he will

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