Health and Social Care Level 3 National Diploma Essay

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BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 3 UNIT 3: Health Safety and Security in Health and Social Care P1: Explain potential hazards and the harm that may arise from each in health or social care setting. Introduction: This unit is trying to illustrate how harmful potential hazard can be within our environment and the danger it can cause. FIVE Potential hazards in Nursing Home Potential risk posed by the hazard Expose wire: Expose wire can cause patient’s trip over and fall which can cause injury and damaging parts of their body. Water leaks: This hazard can cause damage to patient’s goods, furniture and can even cause dampness to their rooms and to the environment. This can even cause patient to be sick of…show more content…
if there is a knife carelessly lying about and one of the patient, who is mentally ill comes and pick it up, not knowing that it is harmful and if misused it could seriously hurt them. Unclean environment: This is a major hazard because if the environment in a nursing home is unclean this can lead to spreading diseases, infections and causes the environment to start to smell and that could add up to the patients illness. Nursery: In a nursery there are many hazards so staffs need to be extra careful on what they leave hanging around especially when dealing with younger children. Also there are round the clock service is provided. Loose wires: This is a very important hazard everywhere and if there are loose wires hanging carelessly around at a nursery it is more likely that one half of the children in a class would trip over it and get badly injured so if possible keep the wires out of reach . Toys left carelessly on the floor: This is really important because if there are toys on lying on the floor carelessly it is more likely that a child could trip over it or put it in their mouth and injury themselves with it. Cleaning products: Cleaning product should be kept far away from a nursery area and should be kept in an area that children cannot reach and locked up because if this hazard is seen by a child in the nursery they could put it in their mouth thinking it
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