Healthcare Ecosystems Task 1

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Healthcare Ecosystems Task 1 Abstract In response to the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) amended by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (Reconciliation Act), collectively referred to as healthcare reform” (); Wishard-Eskenazi Health of Indianapolis, Indiana has begun to make milestone changes to meet the requirements of the healthcare reform. Being a leader in today’s technology which began thirty years ago with development of one of the nation’s first electronic medical record and continues to excel in the healthcare informatics technology today continues to use this technology in quality improvement initiatives, support for future technology research and improving the quality care of the patient.…show more content…
Wishard-Eskenazi Health provides services in every aspect of their mission statement and much more. Advocate Wishard provides a Volunteer Advocate Program where specially selected volunteers are court appointed guardians for at-risk adults that are unable to advocate for their own health care. This program assists with a large amount of homeless or alone adults with no family to assist them in advocating their health care needs. Another program that follows under this title is the programs to assist patients without insurance to obtain some form of insurance whether it is Medicaid, Medicare or county provided insurance. Care Wishard-Eskenazi Health began a program that is titled “No One Dies Alone” and it provides volunteers to sit with a dying patient that has no family or friends. The compassion the facility places on this program allows for very caring people to be with the dying patient when the time arrives. With the new hospital opening in December 2013 patient care will enhance in providing a facility with the most updated technology and allowing compliance with government regulations. For example with the larger patient rooms the hospital is able to have every room comply with HIPAA patient privacy standards. The larger rooms will also allow for modern equipment for advanced care and will allow more processes to occur at the bedside instead of transferring the patient to another department. Teach and Serve Wishard-Eskenazi
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