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Running Head: Global Healthcare

Healthcare in the United States Vs. Great Britain Tyra Baruti Kaplan University

The healthcare system in the United States and Britain are different and many in ways. The purpose of the healthcare system should be to satisfy the needs and preferences of the individual patient who are ill but many countries have a different approach. One of the biggest differences in the two healthcare systems is that in the U.S healthcare is considered private; on the other hand Great Britain has a universal healthcare system. Healthcare is funded and provided for individuals in many …show more content…

In Great Britain even though they have a choice to private insurance majority of use of the universal healthcare system which is more affordable. Many Britons take advantage of private insurers in order to get better quality care and for reduce waiting times. Another difference in the two healthcare systems is that in Great Britain there are no deductibles and close to no copayments except for small co payment associated with prescription drugs.
The similarities of the two healthcare systems are that both countries have an organized healthcare system although they are organized in a differently. All citizens in each country are treated by physicians in an attempt to heal and treat the sick. Also both healthcare systems use preventive medicine as a way to improve the overall health of all citizens. Another similarity amongst the two is that there are many citizens in each country that share the same opinion on the quality of the care that is provided. According to a study it shows that the views of Americans on the quality of medical care in their country are not overly different from those in Great Britain — 48% of Americans, 52% of Canadians, and 42% of Britons say they are satisfied. (Blizzard, 2003)
Before researching Great Britain Health care system I have always thought that universal healthcare was the best choice. After the reading my opinion about both systems gradually changed. The United States healthcare system is not

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