Healthcare Reform : The Most Noble Of Professions

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Being a doctor has often been called the most noble of professions. They are many reasons for this. It is a profession where you put someone else 's life above your own. As a physician, you are trying to stop the inevitable, which is death. A career and even a life in Medicine is about sacrifice. It is about going above and beyond for strangers, it is about missing family functions, get togethers, birthdays, anniversaries, you name it. You will undoubtedly spend your time saving the lives of complete strangers and sometimes outright being forced to not be there for those who are near and dear to you. Often times, there is a lot of talk about the equality in the demographics of patient care, how the wealth gap seems to trickle down to the levels of patient care, and the topic of healthcare reform always looms large in the minds and seem to be an ever-present part of every political campaign, even more so when it is an election year. But does anyone look at the disparities in the caregivers? Within medicine itself and the physicians as a group are a self isolating group not only from society at large but from each other as well. As is classically the case, there are divides drawn along specialties. The surgeons are seen as more like the tough guy marines, more akin to the "jocks" and the more cerebral specialties such as those in the medical specialties are seen as more of the think it thorough, check and recheck methodical types more like the "nerds." However, divisions

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