Healthy Behavioral Change

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All my life I have been overweight for my height and age, and always felt the burden of being a fluffy girl. Growing up in a society where fast food is more accessible than ever before took a major toll on my health. I indulged on fatten foods to cope with my stress and depression because of the desirable satisfaction I felt after every bite. Also, being active was something I did not care to do because after a hefty meal the only thing I wanted to do was relax on a couch. One day after ordering Chinese food, I read my fortune cookie and it mentioned, “The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.” At that very moment reality slowly dawned on me. Gradually, I started taking control over my life because I didn’t …show more content…

Luckily, They were more supportive than I expected by supporting me finically to start the gym and purchase healthier foods. Aside from that, I was given the opportunity to participate in a six-week behavior change activity, which unexpectedly gave me more control over my life than I ever had. My long-term healthy behavior change goal was to Improve on exercise and diet behaviors for better health. Throughout the course I concluded, In order to reinvent your life, you have to reinvent yourself. I will mention exactly how I went about this concept further along the paper. Changing a behavior can be extremely difficult, however by utilizing and understanding the trans-therotical model of change, I was able to direct myself on the right path. The trans-theoretical model was developed by Prochaska and Diclemente in the 1970’s, assesses an individual’s readiness to act on a new healthier behavior, and provides concepts, strategies and methods from a range of theories to guide the individual through the stages of change. Briefly, there are five stages of change including, pre-contemplation ( no interest in changing behavior), contemplation ( considering change), preparation …show more content…

Personally, my behavior change brought forth many looses than expected by having to reduce weekend outings in order to save money for healthier foods, which in most cases are very expensive. Attending the gym took away 1 hour from studying on weekdays, however it was usually made up on the weekend. Giving up the foods I once was addicted too was the biggest lost experienced, but I was told that the key to healthier eating is moderation, therefore I am still able to enjoy the things I once loved once It is not overused. Moreover, my gains surpasses my looses. Giving myself chance to survive is the biggest gain from this experience. Though my health is not at a perfect state, I have made major improvements by accepting a healthier lifestyle and no longer being at risk for

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