Healthy Relationships

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Healthy Relationships Interpersonal Communication Dawn Wissinger September 7th, 2011 ABSTRACT To have a healthy relationship you must learn how to make that happen. There are five guidelines that must occur in order to make a relationship successful. When these guidelines are applied to personal, social, and professional relationships then you will be able to create a healthy one and maintain that relationship. Below you will read which ones I have found personally worked for me and how they can help anyone who is willing. HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS When building up relationships you must learn to accept and confirm others. When I first met Josh I wanted him to like me for me. I wanted to be accepted by him for the person that I am…show more content…
If the criticism is just to put you down I recommend that you just tell the person “thank you for your opinion” and then go on with your work. However, if it is valid then you should take it with “a grain of salt” and learn from it. Criticism can help you to progress in your future but you must take it in a positive way. No one like being told what they are doing wrong but if you never hear it then you may never learn what you can improve on. Bibliography Wood, J. T. (2010). Guidelines for Creating and Sustaining Healthy Climates. In J. T. Wood, Interpersonal Communications: Everyday Encounters (pp. 211-216). Boston:
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