Successful Therapeutic Relationship

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Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Relationship
The purpose of this paper is to describe the characteristics and roles of me as a counselor and the counselor’s disposition that I would like to bring as I start working in the field. The roles I will take as a counselor when working within community and private mental health system. I will also refer to the counselor dispositions to incorporate into counseling relationship and how the disposition will help me and my client. Finally, I will use techniques, skills to help me practice and build a strong relationship with my clients.
My roles as a therapist in the counseling process within community and private mental health system, I am there to help my client and listen to them. Before I
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As a counselor, I need to accept my client without being judgmental during a therapy session. I understand we have different values and we might not agree with each other and I should not make my client feel uncomfortable. I will not use my own personal values towards my clients. I will make sure to incorporate empathy because the client needs to feel that they are being understood and trust. Empathy helps build a strong relationship and helps clients feel comfortable and trust the counselor; I will make sure that I treat my clients with dignity and respect. Professional Identity can also be incorporated in my counseling relationship because I will make sure I used the code of ethics with my clients and stay professional at all times. I will make sure I provide a good supported treatment for my client. I will use my best practice to help my client achieve their…show more content…
I need to stay very professional at all times and make sure I do not use my personal values towards my clients. I also need to make sure my attitude does not affect my client. When working within community and private mental health system, I need to be the helper and help my clients. They come to get help not to be judged or to be told what to do. The counselor disposition will help me incorporated in my session by being aware of my own biases and making sure I do not use them towards my clients. The counselor disposition is a backup procedure I can reflex if I have a concern with a client and how to stay professional at all times. I will also build rapport with clients so they can feel comfortable and trusted. They will be able to open up without being judged or disrespected. I will make sure I give them my full attention and work as a team. The key to have better outcomes is to have empathy towards and client and be present at all times so they can feel they have a caring
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