Heart Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, And Hypertension

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Within the abstract Downes states that the majority of chronic diseases i.e. heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension etc. (which is the leading cause of death/disability in the United States due its nature of only being controlled rather than cured) can be prevented by lifestyle behaviors. Formulating the research through the exploration of “physical activity,” “dietary habits,” and lastly, “weight status related to motivators and barriers of healthy lifestyle choices” of 106 college students. Downes introduces the issue that the majority of the American population does not heed the recommended physical activity and dietary habits in order to maintain optimum health and in turn causes such chronic diseases to develop overtime given the statistical data she included to strengthen this observation. Also added was if not addressed overtime, unhealthy lifestyle, especially in college students deemed with “high-risk” behaviors related to alcohol, drugs, and sexuality can lead to more problems as stated above past the transition of adolescence to adulthood. “Factors that determine college students’ health behaviors are multifactorial,” what Keating means here is that their health is effected or dependent on a number of factors or causes. All of which ranging from and/or related to “personal, social, cognitive, and environmental factors in their meta-analysis.” Simplistically speaking, we all have varying reasons as to why we can or cannot maintain optimum health and…
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