Heat : A Type Of Energy

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Heat is a type of energy. Heat exists in everyday life.
The Universe is made up of matter and energy. Matter is made up of atoms and molecules (groupings of atoms) and energy causes the atoms and molecules to always be in motion - either bumping into each other or vibrating back and forth. The faster motion of atoms and molecules creates a form of energy called heat or thermal energy which is present in all matter (Cool Cosmos, n.d., parra.1).
Heat is the transfer of energy from a hot temperature place to a cold temperature place. Heat energy can move between objects that are only of different temperatures. The higher temperature makes atoms and molecules inside an object vibrate faster as energy increases, producing heat. Other types of energy can change its form and convert into heat energy. Other energies change and heat up because heat speeds up molecule activity within an object. In figure 1, a hot mug of coffee will eventually cool down because of the lower surrounding air temperature. The heat leaves the warmer coffee mug temperature and enters a lower temperature because the cold surrounding gets more energy than it had before. The warmer coffee mug molecules move faster by hitting against each other and bounce apart, and so they end up further apart from each other than they were before, producing heat. In addition, some other heat sources are the sun, volcanoes, fire or friction. The main source the sun is a star made of hot plasma that radiates heat for the

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