Hebrews : An Essay Depth Look At The Authorship And Hebrews 11

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This paper will discuss the book of Hebrews with an in-depth look at the authorship and Hebrews 11. The book of Hebrews has fallen into a category of its own. The book quotes extensively from the Old Testament. It proclaims that Jesus Christ is superior and Christianity over other religions, including Judaism. The author demonstrates ways for following Jesus. It speaks to anyone who is wondering why they should follow Jesus. For some twelve hundred years from 400AD to 1600AD the book was commonly called the Epistle of Paul to the Hebrews. When we take a look at the letters of Paul. They form some of the most famous yet recognized letters of the New Testament. However, there are another group of eight letters. Hebrews being one of those letters. It is thought that these letters are not truly letters. But a set of tracts or even written versions of sermons aimed at the early Christian communities (Davis, 1998). According to Davis, Hebrews was probably aimed at Jewish converts to Christianity. Because few non-Jewish Christians of the early period would not have understood references to Noah, Abraham, Lot and other familiar Israelites. What also makes Hebrews unique is that the date and authorship is unknown. Scholars believe that it was most likely written between AD60-AD65. The book is not addressed to anyone specific. It begins without a personal greeting typical of other New Testament letters. There are however, several theories as to whom the author is. I will

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