Heidi Chapter Summaries

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In the book heidi, there is a young girl, her name is Heidi. She lives with her aunt in the beginning of the book, because her dad died in an accident and her mother got sick and died leaving Heidi with her sister, Detie. Detie has been taking care of her since then and Heidi is now five years old and now it is her grandfather's turn. So the story starts by Detie tacking Heidi to live with her grandfather. Heidi has always lived in the city so when she gets there her grandfather is not too happy because he knows that she has lived in the city her whole life. The next day, Heidi and Peter take the goats up to the mountains.Soon Heidi and Peter become great friends. Soon winter came, Heidi has not seen Peter for a while so grandfather and Heidi tacks the smart way down the hill, to the village on a sled to Peter's house. Her grandfather went back up the hill and told…show more content…
The next day Heidi and grandfather came back. Grandfather fixed the shutter while Heidi and grandmother talked. Heidi is now eight years old. Heidi was playing outside when a man came to talk to grandfather. Grandfather and the pastor talked about how she hasn't gone to school or church. The next day, Detie came to see grandfather and Heidi. Detie came and told grandfather that she found a rich family in Frankfurt that wants Heidi. Detie took Heidi with her back to Frankfurt. In this new family there was a girl named Clara and she is in a wheelchair. At dinner she saves the bread for grandmother, because Detie said that she did not like it there, that she could go back. She got a torture since she is starting school a year late. Later on, one of the house keepers took Heidi’s straw hat that her grandfather gave to her, that night at dinner one of the other housekeepers was making weird faces at her. After dinner before bed she found her straw hat under her blanket. Clara and Heidi become good friends. Heidi learned how to be polite and
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