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Help, my hair is falling out!

When I first found out that my hair is falling out a lot more than usual, I panicked. It took me a lot of time to figure out why this is happening to me and what to do. Everyday thousands of men and women stumble upon the same problem, and many researchers are trying to solve it. If you have similar problems, this website may help you to find answers quicker. It is possible that your first question is the same as mine was - “why is this happening to me?”

Most common causes of hair loss

Genetics: The most common cause is androgenic alopecia, which is an inherited hair loss pattern. It can begin even when you are young, although risk increases with age. This hereditary hair loss is more common among men, …show more content…

We will try to overview the most commonly used options, giving priority to the products that have been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
One of the best known and popular drugs is minoxidil. This was the first drug to be approved by FDA for fighting hair loss and has been clinically proven to help stop the thinning of hair and help them grow back by enlarging the hair follicle. Both men and women can use it (usual concentration is 5% for men and 2% for women). Minoxidil is designed for long-term use and it takes about 3 months to see the results.
Here is our comparison of the four most popular minoxidil products:

All four products contains 5% minoxidil, yet they differ in manufacturer, application method, price and additional ingredients.
Rogaine was the first product to contain minoxidil. Having the most experience, manufacturers of Rogaine were the first to start producing their product in a foam form too. Currently, all other three products, except Lipogaine, come both in liquid and foam forms. Of course, liquid or foam is a matter of preference, although some people report that foam causes less head skin irritation. Lipogaine has a big advantage over competitors, as it includes nutrients (biotin, niacin, vitamins B6 and B12) and herbal DHT blockers (azetinol, saw palmetto extract, linolenic acid, etc.) as additional ingredients. Equate and Kirkland are generic

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