Helping Mother By : Shundalya Robinson

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Helping Mother by: Shundalya Robinson

Liyah has been living with her mother a very long time. She and her mother had been living in the country inside a trailer. They had been struggling buying food, paying the bills, and buying things for the house. Liyah wants to get a job and help her mother out.

1 month later, Liyah had gotten a job at Wild Aventures to help her mother out. Liyah. Liyah is 16 years old now; she go to school at Valdosta High School , and her best friend name is Jahmiya. They have been friends for 6 years now.

“ Liyah is at school gettting her work did , and heading to work at 3:00”.

“ Tick, Tick,Tick,Tick, the clock went ,ring, ring the bell went “.

She ran out of school and went straight to work. Liyah is a lifeguard ( save people out of water when they are drowning). Liyah gets paid tomorrow and she’s gonna give her mother her pay check to help out with some bills and stuff.

“ After work Liyah met with her best friend Jahmiya“.

“ I miss you bestfriend , said Jahmiya”.

“ I miss you more best friend said Liyah”.

“ ughh I have so much to tell you , said Liyah”.
“ okay go , said Jahmiya”.

“ okay best friend you know how my mother has been struggling; well not anymore because i got a job at Wild Aventures , and im giving her my whole pay check everytime i get paid ,so what u think?

“ Jahmiya commentary on that , and said something that

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