Henry David Thoreau And Ben Franklin

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Ages ago, spanning from when the Greeks ruled and well into the time when the Colonists first came to America, reading was a skill only the wealthy and the very lucky had the privilege to learn. In those times reading wasn’t necessary to work and to be successful. However, now in this modern era, reading has become necessary for everyday life; it has become vital to a society that is ever more dependent on technology. Nevertheless, reading is beneficial in ways that listening and watching movies can never be. The works of Anne Bradstreet, Henry David Thoreau, and Ben Franklin help acknowledge this idea through the impacts they have had on readers still today.
If you ask anyone about a book that was also made into a movie which they prefer, most of the time their response is that they preferred reading the book. Why is that? Maybe it is because books are capable of connecting with the reader on a more personal level than a movie can. That is not to say that movies are to be cursed and disliked; movies are fantastic forms of entertainment in their own way. Take the works of Anne Bradstreet for example, she wrote about the things she knew, all the events, the struggles, and the hardships that she went through fueled her writing. From those struggles we get works that are still relevant to us even today. In her poem “Upon the Burning of Our House July 10th, 1666," Bradstreet writes of her thoughts and prayers as the event unfolds. Bradstreet writes, “My sorrowing

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