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Brandy Richardson Dr. Pressler Freshman English 1 1101 18 May 2017 Working Bibliography Gannon, Michael, The History of Florida. University Press of Florida, c2013. Michael Gannon, in The History of Florida, covers pre-Columbian Florida and realize what the scene resembled when the first European voyagers arrived. Travel through the historical backdrop of movement and ethnicity in Florida, the lines of the Seminole and Miccosukee people groups, and the social orders of the free and subjugated Africans in the state. Tail U.S. statehood in 1845 to the common war, through the Great Depression, World War II, and into today’s political field. The sections in this volume cover such differing subjects as the century, and the environmental changes …show more content…

Covers the East Coast Railroad and grand hotels he had built. Discussing how he played important role in writing a law on divorce and of difficulties he faced along the way. Turkel, Stanley. Henry Morrison Flagler: The Man Who Invented Florida. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, April 1998. P76+. Academic OneFile. Stanley Turkel, in Henry Morrison Flagler: The Man Who Invented Florida, discusses the earliest and perhaps the most significant of Florida’s early developers, was Henry Morrison Flagler, who invented the concept of the Florida vacation as we know it today. Modern railroads had been built only as far south as Savannah, Georgia, and rail travel farther south into Florida was uncertain and dangerous. When the state government offered Flagler’s privately owned Florida East Coast Railway a grant of 8,000 acres of land per railroad mile, he pushed his line farther south. Henry Morrison Flagler; The Man Who Invented Florida, is a useful resource in the fact that it discusses how Flagler gained access to the land to extend the East Coast Railroad down south in Florida, into the Keys. It also covers some of the spectacular hotels built in St. Augustine and south

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