Heritage Health Assessment Of Three Families

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Heritage Health Assessment of Three Families The Heritage assessment tool consists of 29 detail questions related to the cultural background of the person being interviewed, cultural food and holydays or traditions related with them, number of family members, frequency of contact with them, and their cultural background. In addition, some of the questions ask about the use of preventive or curative health remedies associated with cultural beliefs and practice, religious practice, and cultural nutritional practices as it applies to health and illness (McKee, T., 2012). Mainly, the purpose of the assessment tool is to guide health care providers how to properly deliver cultural competent care among the diverse population living in the United…show more content…
Therefore, cultural heritage is the main factor in economic, social, and health promotion of people. Every culture has their own beliefs, values, and perceptions on health and illness. Then, it is imperative for health care providers to assess a cultural heritage on each patient in order to deliver meaningful care for that patient. By using the heritage assessment tool, the three interviewed families revealed some similarities and differences among their health traditions. Health Traditions of the Haitian Family The author, identified as the Haitian family, was the first interviewer. She was born and raised in Haiti. She became a resident in United States at the age of 20. As the author becomes accustomed to the American traditions, she still remains involved in her culture. Haiti consists of a large and diverse cultural heritage, coming from Spanish, French, and African traditions as well as its own Caribbean island culture (Makofski, N., 2016). Most Haitians are descendant of African slaves, and majority of the population are living in poverty. They have a very income gap in Haiti. Majority of male Haitians are farmers, and the women sell good in the market to make a living. More so, their eating habits are usually three meals a day for people that can afford it. Their main dish is rice and beans. When love one sick, the family is very involved, and will prepare a special soup
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