Heritage Of The West Essay

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Zackary Nash 12/12/16 U.S. History Heritage of The West The first part of the book started talking about Pioneers and it said that “The American West was born in the European struggle for empire, its creation shaped especially by the conflict between England and France.” There were Indians, who controlled the Mohawk Valley and St. Lawrence River. Which of the one of the two major approaches to the introduction of the subcontinent. This followed in various wars, and shifting back and forth of each lands peace. They talked a lot, I mean a lot about Pioneers, it talked about Indians, and their effects on the people. This constant danger by the frontier, made it so that their greatest resources were endurance and prolific reproduction. Indians were capturing families, trying to preserve their century-old ways. They started to take over. There were many tribes, including the Sac, Fox, Shawnee, Kickapoo, Miami, Delaware, Wyandot, and Seneca tribes. The British made this worse by continuing to get deep into Indian affairs, even after the 1783 Treaty…show more content…
Throughout the gold rush, the best way to travel was by land, although there were many dangers ahead including Indians, bad weather, and a lack of water. They traveled in caravans, and because of the long journey many wagon wheels broke, and some belongings had laid abandoned. There were many ways to obtain gold, there was panning, washing, and mining. When you would pan for gold, you would go to side of a river or runoff, and put the pan in the water and try to obtain some of the gold pieces in your pan. When you would wash for gold, you would dig a large portion out of the ground, and wash the dirt out through the holes, so you could the gold. With mining you would find some in a cave, and use your pickaxe and mine it. Overall this book told me some very interesting facts about history, and really told me some things I didn't
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