Hermes : The Challenges And Aspects Of The Greek God Herme

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Have you ever done something bad just for the fun of it? You may have only done it once and felt bad about it, but the case is different with the greek god Hermes. The greek god of exchange was a very mischievous deity and was always getting himself into trouble (“Hermes”). In fact, on the same day that he was born, he stole from his own brother Apollo and then went on to lie about it (Laurel). Hermes also had many affairs with not only goddesses, but also with nymphs and mortals (“Hermes”). Since he was a messenger, Hermes was always travelling around so he wasn’t very set and steady in his ways. Being a messenger also gives him the opportunity to meet other women and have affairs. Overall, Hermes could be considered the most impish of all of the twelve major gods as result of his many thefts, causing trouble just for fun, and using his persuasive abilities to get what he wanted. Although he was the god of exchange, thievery, explorers, athletics, and boundaries, Hermes is most known for is being the god of exchange and thievery because he was always stealing things from others (“Hermes”). On the fourth day of the Lunar month Noumenia, the second youngest of all the major gods, Hermes, was conceived and born in the cave of a mountain in Arcadia (Laurel). This is also the same day the newborn stole cattle from his brother Apollo. The god did this by making a pair of sandals, which is one of his many symbols, for himself and the cattle as to not leave tracks. At this point,
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