Heroin Addiction In Trainspotting

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It does not matter what the user is chasing; so long as it keeps them distracted, and takes over every other aspect of life. Heroin addiction is an excellent way to stay distracted because of its cyclical nature; stealing to buy, buying to use and using. Renton does not need reasons; because the reasons are already embedded within the social constructs that shaped his addiction. Like Trainspotting in general, this cycle is meaningless – however it does pass the time, alleviate boredom and allow the user apathy towards everything in his life outside of the drug. The addicts as a whole in Trainspotting remain indifferent to anything outside the drug; refusing to both get tested for HIV and see the debilitating effects that it has on their relationships; which will be discussed in the next section. In LETB, Georgette’s ‘void’ seems to stem from not only her insular surroundings; but also from her alienation from both her family and society. Like Renton, she is highly intelligent, however it is impossible for her to fit into the world of 1950s America, because of its traditional values and her identification as both transgendered and homosexual. She is rejected and abused by her brother, and attempts to fill the void created by his rejection and society by being a part of a group of shallow transgendered women, who wile away the hours consuming narcotics and fighting over men. Also, her cathexis concerning Vinnie allows her to create a false world of superficial love and

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