Heroism Essay

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Heroism Today is an important day. Because you have a difficult decision to make. Will you embrace the gift that you’ve been given? Or will you stand by and waste it away, another day? Will you honor those who came before you, that created this earth and this world for you to experience? Or will you let them down by living with a negative mindset that holds you back? You are the author of your own superhero comic each day is a new page. You get to choose the type of character you want to be. You are writing a story that everyone will see. You determine how you are looked upon by the actions you make. Every decision you make, every encounter, and every word affects the outcome of your story. You must find your inner hero, and save …show more content…

Life has torn me to pieces in my short time on this planet, but each and every time my grandfather was there to pick me up. After numerous times of failing, and not doing well enough, I began to pick myself up. I no longer needed him to do it for me. I remembered those lessons he stressed upon and tried so hard to teach me, and one day I realized how vital they were. I took a step back and looked at the impact those lessons truly had in my life, and how they will continue to be a factor, and without those lessons, I don’t know where I’d be. For that, I owe who I am today to my grandfather. He’s had the biggest impact on my life without even realizing it. He is my true hero. Along my journey in life, I have figured out that we need to become our own hero at some point in our lives because the person you see as your hero won’t always be around. We must find out inner hero, before our present hero leaves. My grandfather has helped along the way to allow me to find the true hero in myself. At the time of my dark times in my life, my Grandpa still tried to help me find my own hero. At that point in my life, I realized what he cannot do is push me through the door, he can help me build my wings but he can’t make me fly, for that I have to look inward. To the most important hero in my life, the one who can save myself from any situation I encounter, who can take me to places that I’ve never imagined, the one who decides if I will fail or succeed before the challenge is even

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