Hidde Hidden Dangers Of Substance Abuse

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Millions of Americans take daily medications or supplements to treat both chronic and acute conditions. This can include prescriptions, vitamins, drops and over-the-counter remedies. During this time of the year, many of us also take over-the-counter medications to treat cold, flu and allergy symptoms that might otherwise keep us out of commission. What we may not realize, however, is that any medication we put into our systems – particularly if we combine it with alcohol or another medicine – could possibly impair us, leaving us with slowed response times, profound sleepiness and an inability to safely operate a vehicle. We also may not know that the impact of a medicine can last long after any immediate effects have worn off. For example, we may take an OTC cold medicine at night in order to sleep better. We may assume that, come morning, the depressant effect of the medication is out of our system and that we are fine to go about our business. That isn’t always the case; studies have shown slowed reaction times and drowsiness can last up to a full day after taking an OTC medication designed to induce sleep. If we drive while in this slightly impaired state, we could potentially harm others or ourselves because we are literally falling asleep behind the wheel. …show more content…

Such an effect is common with some types of medications, including those to

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