Hidden Sexual Messages Found In Disney Movies

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Hidden Sexual Messages Found In Disney Movies Group Name: LUCKY # 13 Group Leader: Jami Rosier Editors: Zack Sams & Steve Raszka Proofreaders: Sara Roberts, Haley Rinas, Brittani Saab Designers: Mike Porowski, Jami Rosier, Brett Pilkington Writers: Brett Pilkington, Mike Porowski, Steve Raszka, Haley Rinas, Jami Rosier, Zack Sams Introduction By: Jami Rosier With competitors such as DreamWorks, and Pixar, Disney Incorporated uses a vividly apparent strategy of sex appeal in order to raise their ratings. However, Disney is pushing the envelope and is willing to subject the innocent public to such images for higher ratings. The industry that we are talking about is the movie industry. The majority of viewers are comprised of young…show more content…
The segment in question in occurs about midway through the movie when Simba, the hero, plops down and a cloud of dust rises above him. As the dust begins to trail off, it forms the letters S-E-X, with each letter fading as the next becomes clear (Mikkelson, 1996). In this next part, Simba is talking to his father in the night sky where stars can be seen. Upon connecting these stars, a penis is formed (Mikkelson, 1996). These messages can be identified as indirect hidden messages, which mean the viewer was not directly intended to see the message, unless possibly looking for such material. The hidden sexual messages are examples of how the creators of these movies know that sex in movies boosts the sales. This is a terrible thing for movie executives to do, especially Disney, where the majority of the audience is young children who do not need to see these disturbing gestures. The anti-abortion group, based in Stafford, Va., wants the Walt Disney Co. to remove The Lion King from video stores (Giroux, 2000). One video store clerk was alerted of the appearance of the word, by a woman who said her 4-year-old son noticed it (Mikkelson, 1996). Michael Rhoades, who commented for Disney stated the scene simply shows ``swirling dust in the night sky, seeing anything in The Lion King other than a good wholesome family film is purely perception, ' ' he said (Studio History, 1998 ). 4 The Little Mermaid By: Sara Roberts The Little Mermaid also makes

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