High Family 's University Grading System

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Do students feel that education can take a toll on their life mentally and physically? Sometimes students feel that their diligent work and commitment is insufficient to do well in school. At times students cannot keep up with the standard expectations of education particularly with grades. Grading point averages and grades decides the eventual fate of a student. Education is based upon a positioning arrangement of lettering evaluations that as far as anyone knows shows on the off chance that you are learning and precisely the amount you are learning. Holy Family’s university grading system is unfair and it plays a negative role in the lives of students affecting students’ GPAs and their hope of the future drastically. No student should have to suffer from an unjust grading system that makes students feel less savvy than they really are.
Educators look for specific qualities when determining grades for students. Grades provide insight on the performance of a student and gives a quality related to the level of accomplished criteria. Grades are utilized to help students self- evaluate and to enhance work if necessary. Grades are used to communicate the instructor’s verdict on level of mastery, and used to determine what has and has not been learned. Holy Family’s grading system evaluating framework have elevated standards; however, those desires can be harmful to the students. In Kohn’s article, he expressed that grades lessen students in light of a legitimate concern for

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