High School Basketball Players

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For a high school basketball player, one of the worst feelings of the season is the last buzzer, thus signaling the end. While the final buzzer signals the start of the off-season for some, it signals the start of another season for dedicated basketball players. Between the months of March and July, athletes of all ages join independent basketball clubs. These clubs play in local, regional, and national tournaments. The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is considered the head of these tournaments. Although most tournaments are ran by local organizations, the Amateur Athletic Union are responsible for the national tournaments. Although AAU and high school basketball are crucial for college bound players, the cultures of both associations provide …show more content…

Whether it’s AAU or high school, anything can happen. Blowouts and overtimes are equally common in both leagues. Although AAU teams don’t have fans to watch all of their games, the excitement of playing in championship games make up for it. Even though their is only one high school state champion, nothing gets better than the thrill of two rival schools slugging it out. No matter who’s playing, both organizations can provide thrilling matchups. For players who want to play professional basketball, it is crucial that they play on an AAU or high school basketball team. While the goal of high school basketball is to win, the main goal of AAU is to showcase top players. Throughout the spring, the best are invited to exposure camps. These camps help individual players gain attention from college scouts. The same is true for high school basketball players. Their stats throughout the season will help them stand out. Just like there are two types of people in this world, there are two types of “basketballs.” Although AAU and high school basketball are beneficial to a player’s development, players will go through different experiences on these teams. Whether an athlete decides to play AAU, high basketball, or both, the organizations will push their game to the next

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